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This is a project which has been dancing on my mind for years. Time has been maturing it with an holistic approach where the many different Arts are supposed to become the centre of dinamisation, providing the fuel needed for the cultural and social-economic questions of our times. A project based at the main idea of a MEETING POINT between Art and Life, presenting in its own organisation of space, 3 different levels of communication-face to face at the BAR-through the ART at the GALLERY and through the distance at the INTERNET CAFFE, which different areas will be covering and ensuring its economical viability and widening its socio-cultural sustainable perspective. A cooperative model is being planned, and still looking for more creative people, to get involved, from PAINTERS,POETS,to MUSICIANS,ARCHITECTS,PHOTOGRAPHERS... More details at http://permaculturaportugal.ning.com/group/artcaffecooperativaartistica
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