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BORNEO CONNECTION-an Amsterdam Canal House

The clients for the Amsterdam Canal House are Hendrike and Theodorus Van Eych. Hendrike is a teacher of Geography at a secondary school and Theodorus is a writer, specially concerned about history. The concept of this project derives from my reading of the place, which could be resumed in two words : CONNECTION SPACE. Like a combination of the existing with the missing the concept has been applied to the building by a certain choice of colours (browns, blues and silver), shapes (straight and waved lines) and materials (brick, glass and titanium at the exteriour and wood,cork and plastic for the interiours)), to represent and express, at different levels, the basic idea of the found relationship between the LAND and the SEA, the possible combination of TRADITION and MODERNITY and the eventual balance between NATURE and ARTIFICIALITY... So, these are also, I believe, the main guiding lines for my future work as an architect.
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