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Grosvenor Square - Bus Shelter Project

I?ve started to analyse the site as a whole, detecting its missings or its problems, so I could determine the guiding lines to my project and find a global solution, not only to implant a bus shelter, but considering all the surounding landscape. In my reading I?ve noticed that the site is static, it?s missing colour and movement and it has barriers all around conditioning the traffic; so, considering all that I could resume my aim or key words as : VISIBILITY, ACCESSIBILITY and BALANCE BETWEEN CONCEPT AND FUNCTION. To achieve the first parts I would plane the site and remove the barriers giving better accessibility (also for wheelchairs) and visibility, but also a brighter colour and texture to the pavement, using a characteristic material often used in Manchester : sand stone. To achieve movement, which could attract more people to use the space, I would build a lake at the centre of the square, with water coming up from a natural stone placed within , which also gives some musical texture to the site; and will shape it as a painter palette to reinforce the relation to the next School of Art. The third part of the project is all about combining concept and function. So, as I wanted to provide a space for the University to promote their activities and at the same time which makes people aware they arrived at the Campus, I?ve choose to apply the basic geometrical forms and colours to the bus shelter (again related to the School of Art) and to give the shape of an open book to the pavilion (related to the Library), which could be used by the different faculties for exhibitions, and which could be also be financially supported by sponsors. The structure is simple (which will reduce the costs) and could be easily closed if needed, keeping a pathway for pedestrians, as also could be used to install a video-wall. As material I?ve choose to use brick as a kind of Manchester identity. In addition to this, to emphasise my concept I?ve also applied in a subtle way the lettering shapes of MMU to both roofs, which could also be seen as a transparent defensive cloud. To finish, I?ve considered my project as an holistic approach , and could title it as FOOD FOR THE FIVE SENSES , which could all be found in the different elements of the project, since the temporary fragrant-tasteful veg&burger vans to the visual-tactile exhibition pavilion with painting or sculpture and the musical or silent lake in the centre?
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